Check out some of my exciting projects below:

  1. Filecop: A powerful file management tool for organizing your digital files efficiently.

  2. Gri Makina: An innovative project management platform designed to streamline your workflow.

  3. Jet File Transfer: This is an application that allows you to easily share files and folders between devices connected to the same network.

  4. Quiz It: Quiz It is an internet application where you can easily study English words. You can easily learn words from among many words prepared for you.

  5. rabbitmq-mail-consumer-server: They are structures designed on working in agricultural lands. On vehicles that do not have a speedometer such as a combine harvester, it can detect speeds thanks to the sensors. By the way, it tells the user how many meters it will be planting crops.

  6. Streamle: Each daily Streamle features a photo clip from a popular TV Show or Movie published on a popular streaming platform. Guess in as few tries as possible, and be sure to come back every day for a new Movie/Series.

Explore these projects to see the magic unfold! ✨